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    Default 1972 tri hull signa

    bought a 1972 signa trihull w/ omc 4 cyl. it needs a carb and distributor. (missing when i bought it) the engine tag reads gu-fm-10s ive had no luck distinguising this engine or finding used parts. please help!

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    Default Re: 1972 tri hull signa

    probally the best bet is re-man, could get some siera parts. or if you found a merc you could use those parts. But first make sure the engine is not locked up. and that the drive is in good shape and not locked up. a stringer drive can be a rough learning experience. bob

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    Default Re: 1972 tri hull signa

    I just signed up and noticed this thread about Signa. Still have it? I just got a 19 ft Signa. Dont know where to start. These boats are'nt popular are they? I cant find anything on them.

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    Default Re: 1972 tri hull signa

    the guy's last post was 4 years ago so I doubt he'll read this.

    Maybe he just sold you his boat.

    but seriously, a boat has 2 parts: fiberglass, and wood.
    Not much need for factory support 37 years later.

    Any kind of hardware, fittings, seats etc are generic

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