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    Default Re: Key West Internal Fuel Tank Leak

    What model year is the boat. It may very well be covered by warranty. I have noticed a strong odor of fuel when I open the console of my 2002 model, but have noticed no leakage at all. I replaced a bad fuel gauge sensor recently, and found no sign of leakage, but that fuel odor does concern me. I would definitely contact Key West, either directly, or through your dealer. From what I know, they usually are very good about correcting problems.

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    Default Re: Key West Internal Fuel Tank Leak

    we sell the Key West line and a couple of times we've seen where they used too long of a screw and punctured the fuel fill hose when they screwed down the center console8)

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    Default Re: Key West Internal Fuel Tank Leak

    Dick, I have a 1993 1720 and have the same problem. Did you fix your leak? If so, where was it leaking? I don't want to rip up my floor if I don't have to. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dick
    It is 1996 so warranty is out. I tried to contact Keywest but no replay except the tell me the closest dealer to me. I bought the boat used in FL and now live in TX. I called a dealer in Dallas and they said they could fix but I would need to bring it in before they could give me a price. I live 2.5 hours away and just havn't had the time to go there. Since the tank is captive in the hull , the hull would have to be cut open and refiberglassed in after the tank was repaired or replaced.

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