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    Default winterizing 115 johnson

    am wondering if there is anything that needs to be done to winterize 1975 115. will the block drain or not. its my first winter on the water. just looking for input. thanks

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    Default Re: winterizing 115 johnson

    Store it upright if you can. The block drains fine, no need to put antifreeze in an outboard, etc.. Disconnect the gas line & run the gas out of the motor. Hit the choke towards the end to get the gas out of the idle circuits. Then drain the carbs, if you can. (Easy on that motor, but not sure how mechanical you are.) If you can run gas stabilizer in your last tank of gas, that works well also.Drain the lower unit fluid, and refill. As the old fluid comes out, look for water and feel for little bits of metal. Use new gaskets on the two drain screws. You definitely want to drain it before first freeze, otherwise any water may crack the lower unit casting.While you're at the dealer getting your fluid and gaskets, buy a spray bottle of OMC 6-n-1 (like WD40, but with some light wax as well). Spray down the powerhead (under the cover) with this. Take the prop off & lube the splines. Lube the pivot and tilt grease fittings to get some non-watery grease in there, and work the motor around a bit to spread the grease. Put a new water pump impeller on in the spring, unless you're sure it's just been done.Check back here if you need any specific help.

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