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Thread: Thrust Washer

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    Trying to replace the prop on my Johnson 225 (1993). Got the prop off, but can seem to budge the thrust washer. Any hints on getting the washer off? I'm kind of leary of trying to force it off and possibly tweaking the shaft.ThanksEd

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    Ed, give Mike Clark at Clarks marine a call. His shop is behind Fishermans hardware now. Nicest mechanic i've ever met, he's helped me out a bunch of times and isn't rude like other mechanics in this area. No affiliation, just a happy customer, I have a 12 foot boat and its rough to spend $60 an hour on small problems.......Good luck...Warren

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    hello well most stick. yammi's and mercs stick as well. I take a hammer and give it a sharp rap on the face of the thrust washer. the washer is stuck to the taper on the prop shaft. good luck and keep posting
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