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Thread: Lost Washer

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    While removing the lower unit on my 1976 25hp evinrude to replace the impeller I dropped a washer from the shift rod coupling into the housing.After removing the lower unit and not thinking about the washer,I tipped the motor upside down to check the water tube for a restriction,now I can`t find the washer.I`m afraid it went up the inner exaust tube.What should I do?If I remove the exaust plate from the side of the motor will that get me where I want to be to look for the washer?

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    Are you talking about the star washer on the coupler? If so, I wouldn't worry about it. Just replace it. Taking off the exhaust cover plate would be a PITA and it wouldn't help much anyway.
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    Is there any way it can make it to the cylinder?

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    Technically, it is possible. Especially if you turned it upside down. Realistically, not too likely. BTW, turning motors upside down is poor practice anyway. Water from the lower unit (if it has been run lately) can run into the cylinders.

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    The lower unit was off the motor when I turned it over.

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