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    Hey Guys,

    Got a friend who has a 1980's type OMC Control and I'm trying to get the handle apart enough so to replace the Trim/Tilt Switch Assembly. I spent some time trying to get it apart today and had no luck. I see the screws that hold the front on but can't get to them with out removing the entire handle assembly from the control box housing. My question is how do I get the handle off the housing. I opened up the housing and removed the Hex screw from the center of the spline collar but there is no give. Is there something else holding this on or what? Can someone please point me in the right direction? I've looked at the schematic and I can't see anything that could be holding this on!!!

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    The handle is held on by a screw coming in from the backside---I assume that is what you are referring to. Anyway, run the screw all the way in, then back it out a turn or two. Now give the screw a rap with a hammer and punch. The handle should fall off. Well till the screw catches it anyway.

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    PERFECT! Thanks so much! I knew it couldn't be held on by much... Figured it was just seized up! Thanks Again!

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