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Thread: CD 24D Johnson

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    Hello All,I have a Johnson Outboard Model# CD 24D. From what I read in the posts it is a 1967 6.6 HP. although on the it lists the CD24 as the 6.6 HP 1967 model. Doesnt not make mention of the 'D' model.My engine starts very well and has been running great pushing my sailboat out of the harbor. the last time I was out, as we were leaving the harbor, we were hit by a large wake. The engine stopped, but I was raisng sail so I just tested to see if it starts again and it did.When we finsihed sailing and were entering the harbor, I noticed that although the engine starts, and I can shift from neutral to forward or reverse, The propeller wasnt spinning like it should. It didn't seem to ingage. I have the motor off and I have ordered a repair manual. DOes anyone have any ideas on where to start looking or advise?ThanksN

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    Howdy, Nihil.The "D" in the model number is a run number. It doesn't change the model.You have probably broken the shear pin in the prop. Simple to replace. You should also carry a couple of spares.Good luck.

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