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    Default BRP Premium Blend v. Dextron

    I'm hoping to get a ruling on this issue. Can I substitute Dextron for the BRP Premium Blend in my '72 Johnson 65 with hydro-electric drive? If yes, can anyone tell me the viscosity ratings on both? Yes, I know the BRP is preferred. We're talking about an engine I paid $125 for...

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    Default Re: BRP Premium Blend v. Dextron

    Are you talking about automatic trans fluid ?

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    Default Re: BRP Premium Blend v. Dextron

    There are a number of alternatives for BRP Premium Blend. First, however, even though most BRP/Evinrude dealers are not stocking Premium Blend (not much demand), BRP still sells it. If your dealer doesn't have it and you prefer to use Premium Blend, have him order it for you.

    Next on the list, is right here at iboats. You can buy Sierra brand Type C gear oil at a competitive price.

    NAPA stores also have a Type C gear oil. It is priced a bit lower than iboats, but you have to buy it in 12 quart cases, so the savings really isn't a benefit.

    Some ATFs will also work. Dexron (not Dextron) II and III ATFs will work, as will Mercon ATFs. Do not use the newer, synthetic ATFs, as seal compatibility is an unknown.

    My personal choice, which I use in my 1972 Johnson 65hp engine, is Pennzoil Multi-Vehicle ATF. I made this choice after doing extensive research, including phone calls and emails to/from both BRP and Shell/Pennzoil.

    Please don't PM me on advice issues - let's keep that in the forums, so that everyone can benefit. Please note that I do not email PDFs, etc. I have a bandwidth limited aircard for internet access. My avatar does not mean I have any offical link to iboats. I just like it!

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