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    Default '88 Johnson 25hp fuel/oil ratio

    I just got an '88 Johnson 25 HP motor and was wondering if anyone knew what the ratio was. I was told that it was 100:1 but I don't think that is right. Right now I am running it 40:1. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: '88 Johnson 25hp fuel/oil ratio

    50:1 is the correct mixture..

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    Default Re: '88 Johnson 25hp fuel/oil ratio

    Just to add the comment that for a few years in the 1980s from '85 OMC flirted with 100:1 mixtures before realising their mistake and reverting to 50:1 for all after 1964, including those sold and marked for 100:1

    50:1 it is therefore regardless of any advice, decals or owners manual to the contrary

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