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    Default 1994 Seaswirl with OMC 115 Turbojet


    I am new to the forum and hoping that you guys can help me out. I am in the process of purchasing a 1994 Seaswirl with an OMC 115 turbojet. Sorry no ID numbers yet.

    I am purchasing this boat as a known repair project, but would like to understand what I am getting myself into. Of course the price is discounted b/c of this. FIrst off, anyone know if the Seaswirl boats are built well?

    Secondly, to the repairs....The boat was ran last summer and overheated (indicated by buzzer) and was immediately trailered following. It has not returned to the water since and the owner has lost interest in it.

    The owner did do a compression check with good compression and no variation between cyclinders. I am planning to verify this. If this is true, is the problem most likely in the jet pump? If so, what are the potential causes?

    Does anyone have any tips on how to inspect this boat prior to the sale?

    Are parts still available for the powerhead and jet drive? I have heard that they are getting hard to find now.

    Any advice or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: 1994 Seaswirl with OMC 115 Turbojet

    Best of luck. I have the same boat only a '97. Lisa at Turbojet Marine Products is the person who will hook you up on parts. She ROCKS!
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    The 115 Turbojet used a standard 2 stroke OMC 115 crossflow engine block which will crossover from 1979 through 1997 of the same HP, size and porting.

    The cooling water is provided by the jet pump. The usual cause of cooling failure is the lack of maintenance of the sand filter which is necessary to prevent large particles from reaching the engine and blocking the thermostats or bypass.

    To maintain the motor and drive, the factory service manual is an absolute necessity in this case. The 1994 Turbojet Factory Service Manuals PN 502138 are readily available from the printer. The parts diagrams are available free online.

    All parts that were part of the standard crossflow engine are available through any BRP/Evinrude dealer.

    There are several parts including the cover for the OMS fuel pump, and the primer solenoid which are used for inboard installations only.

    All jet parts, pump, adapters, transmission, etc are sold by others although most service parts are available through BRP.

    The sand filter strainer kit is part # 437598.

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