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    Unhappy 1989 Evinrude 90HP - Bogs down and dies on throttle-up

    Need help with a 1989 Evinrude 90hp, has vro removed. When on the water the engine bogs down and then dies on throttle. If I throttle back, it will idle fine and troll fine. When out of the water hooked to the hose it runs fine no bogging down and it doesnít die.

    I have removed the gas and put some new gas in 50:1 mixture and it didnít make a difference. I changed the spark plugs (they were a little wet), rebuilt the carbs (they looked fine though), check the compression (it was good at 120-123), spark tested fine.

    After completing the above, the boat still runs the same way. It bogs down and dies on throttle up. Primer bulb does feel firm, and it doesnít make a difference if its pumped when the boat is bogged down, it still dies.

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    Default Re: 1989 Evinrude 90HP - Bogs down and dies on throttle-up

    did yu remove all the jets, when cleaning the fixed jets are behind plugs, and require a special tool to remove. still sounds like you have clogged high speed jets. or your link&sinc is off.
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    Default Re: 1989 Evinrude 90HP - Bogs down and dies on throttle-up

    i wish I had some ideas for you but I haven't been able to fix my own boat. I have a 68 evinrude 55hp with a simular problem. I have cleaned the carbs, replaced the fuel lines, checked compression, adjusted the floats, and cleaned the high spead orfices......I haven't got much of a clue on where to go next. I have posted a thread called
    "68 evinrude 55hp" It might be worth a look.

    What is a link and sync?

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    Default Re: 1989 Evinrude 90HP - Bogs down and dies on throttle-up

    Don't rev it up on the muffs, beyond what you need to keep it running, risk of thermal runaway and major damage.

    How it runs on the muffs is no indication of how it'll run under load.

    You can't "see" whether carbs have blockages. Did you soak 'em overnight in something like b-12 chemtool? Remove the core plugs & shoot compressed air or carb cleaner in the spray can through all the orfices?

    Check the timer base make sure it moves smoothly without sticking when throttle is advanced. Also make sure the throttle cam hits the roller right on the mark - slightest bit early will make it die on acceleration. Make sure throttle plates are parallel.

    Look for a leak in the primer valve (jdt, you have choke plates instead, make sure they are open - perfectly horizontal - except when the choke is engaged)
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