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    Default 1981 35 johnson seahorse removal

    Hey guys, new to the forum but been reading awhile. Recently bought a 1981 bass tracker 3 with a 1981johnson 35 seahorse for 750 dollars. Started out replacing all flooring and carpet but then found my transom to be rotten. I need to remove the outboard but not too sure how the best way to unhook all the cables and wiring. Thought it would be easier to unhook wiring at motor but doesnt look like it. Didnt want to have to reroute steering cable and wires under the side panel but may have to. Would i be better off unhooking at console? New to boat repair and done jumped in pretty deep. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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    Default Re: 1981 35 johnson seahorse removal

    you have to disconnect the cables...also the steering cable.....the battery cables....and the red plug .>>>>> have to disconnect from the ignition switch....draw a diagram of the lugs and wire colors for reconnection.....

    remove the battery cables first to reduce a chance of a battery then motor.....

    sounds like a lot of work..but not to bad.....

    Always check your pisser for water when boating..takes a sec to look back..

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    Default Re: 1981 35 johnson seahorse removal

    Preciate it ! Dont think i got a bad boat for the price but turned out to be a little more work than i planned on. Got all flooring and doors cut already . Got carpet and glue ready. This transom repair just threw me for a loop. Not too sure of best transom material and if ive got to use the big solid rivets or if i can use stainless carriage bolts and washers.
    Preciate it , Brandon

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