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    Default 1970 Evinrude Kill Switch

    I have a 1970 Evinrude 25hp tiller outboard. The kill switch button was busted when I purchased it. Now the two contacts are just exposed and I kill the boter by touching both with metal and shorting it.

    How hard would it be to replace the button? Can somebody help me out with instructions/part numbers.

    Thanks, this site rocks.

    - Dave

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    Default Re: 1970 Evinrude Kill Switch

    Switch is part # 0379638 , not sure how it's held in, could be a plastic nut or press fit, don't know this motor.
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    Default Re: 1970 Evinrude Kill Switch

    any momentary switch will work, just connect one wire to one side the other wire to the other side. put some tape on the wires and forget it, and use throttle to kill motor.
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    Default Re: 1970 Evinrude Kill Switch

    I Personally don't run anything without a Lanyard kill switch. You can pick a Generic one up at any boat store. you may have to drill a hole for it, But It could save your life.
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    Default Re: 1970 Evinrude Kill Switch

    I just move the throttle stop down and kill w/too low throttle. And no life jacket..
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    Default Re: 1970 Evinrude Kill Switch

    Well, i found a kill switch for 30 bucks at a local boat repair shop. The nut that holds it on inside the housing is a REAL tight fit to get a wrench on there..... I am guessing impossible without removing items from the front of the motor.

    First I cut the wires from the back of the old switch. Then I wedged a scew driver on the nut to stop it from spinning and used a wrench on the old switch its self to spin it loose.

    I then held the nut still with with fingers and screwed the switch round and round into the nut inside the housing.

    I would suggest this method for those attempting this repair...... as turning the nut its self would require some wierd bendy wrench nobody owns.

    ** Time for install was about 20 minutes, saves 150 bucks in labor.

    - Dave

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