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    Default 1969 Johnson 55 Wiring Diagram

    I saw a post where someone had a wiring diagram for a 1969 Johnson 55. Model# 55ESL69A... I need a copy of that same wiring diagram... Please help...

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    Default Re: 1969 Johnson 55 Wiring Diagram

    You will probably get quicker results by buying the manual for your motor (or hit your library).

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    Default Re: 1969 Johnson 55 Wiring Diagram

    You could also get get a faster response if you would post your E-mail address. Real e-mail, not hot mail. That way I'd know where to send it.

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    Default Re: 1969 Johnson 55 Wiring Diagram

    Sorry, I've been re-organizing all my ISP accounts. I still use for the time being. But I just opened a new ISP account with the phone company. I'll put my AOL account on my profile.... Thank you very muchLouis

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    Default Re: 1969 Johnson 55 Wiring Diagram

    Louis.Sending you a copy would violate the law. Asking someone to do so violates the law.Buy a manual or borrow one at you library. Good luck.

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    Default Re: 1969 Johnson 55 Wiring Diagram

    Thanks everyone for the info... And thanks Alcan... I certainly don't want anyone to break the law... Normally I would never touch an OMC outboard. I'm a Mercury man. I've got 3 old 20 Mercs, a 25, and a 40 and all of them run like brand new. But I salvaged this old 55 Johnson Electric shift. The top end and gearcase had been rebuilt about 10 years ago and then the motor was immediately mothballed in a shed ever since. The motor seems to be in great mechanical shape. I oiled the cylinders and cranked it over---great compression, but won't fire. It looke like the mice had a pretty good time with the wiring therefore that's where I'm going to start. Years ago I had 3 Electric Shift 65 Johnsons, so I know a LITTLE about these motors. I'm also looking for about a 35 (no bigger) to replace my 20 Mercs, as I plan to add a little weight to my boat. Do you think anyone would be interested in a possible swap. I have 2 20 mercs that run perfect plus one for parts. I also have a 1999 40 Merc that runs perfect, but has a torn up gearcase. The 40 is just a little much for my boat...Thanks Again, More to followLouis

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