Model # 55973A Evinrude
At the end of the boating season last year, my motor would'nt start. It would turn over but could'nt even get a spark. I do have a book on this and I knew that you half to have a good battery with big cranking amps to run this motor. I bought a marine battery 1000 cranking amps. It started up with no problem after that and good spark. As the season wound down a month later, I winterized the motor like I always do. A few weeks ago I put her in the water and it fired right up and ran like a top. Ran her around the lake for about 1/2 hr or so and then came to shore. The very next day it wouldn't start, couldn't get NO SPARK. Could this be in the ignition switch ? Ever since I've had this boat I would get intermintent spark. I noticed on the key switch some numbers on the front around the key slot that say KF91. Is that the right switch for this. It has 4 terminals.