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    Question 1965 johnson 3hp jw20b???

    Can anyone tell me what its worth or where i can find the value of it without having to buy a guide??? it is slightly used - it was only used 4 or 5 times when i was a kid. it was my grandpaws and he gave it to me. Im sure it will take a little work to get it back running because it has sat up for nearly 30 years but it was garage kept and is pretty clean.

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    Well, the value could depend on a lot of things. How it looks cosmetically and mechanically and how much will it take to get it back to the water. If you posted some pics, that would help us determine the value. It also depends on your location too and what other motors like yours sell for. Those are great little motors and an iBoats member favorite

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    Default Re: 1965 johnson 3hp jw20b???

    Complete, good cosmetically, spin w/compression and no sign of water intrusion in gearcase.. I'd go $100 max. They sell in these parts (MN) for $250-350 as tuned runners. My favorite OMC motor.. I own a couple, and have worked on many dozens for customers.. J/E made the same motor from '52-'67. They knew they had a good thing going!
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