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    Default trailer for 15 foot inflatable

    can anyone reccomend a trailer for a 15 foot inflatable,or can i modify a harbor freight trailer. Not sure what length trailer i need.. I am thinking about purchasing a saturn but need a way to transport it too.

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    Default Re: trailer for 15 foot inflatable

    ive been looking at the saturn 15ft and that harbor freight trailer myself. i liked it better when it was 299 though. anyway, im curious if you can get that to work. your bunks will have to keep it above the wheel fender and the boat is wider than that trailer. i have seen saturns on karavan trailers and the harbor freight just not the 15ft. which boat you getting?

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    Default Re: trailer for 15 foot inflatable

    a modern 15' inflatable is big. The tube diameters (probably 20" or 22" dia. on the 15 saturn) make them very wide. If you are going to trailer it with a typical 30 or 40HP motor, I think you'll want a proper boat trailer with nice wide carpeted bunks.
    Most real boat trailers allow for easy fore/aft locating of the axle to provide adequate tongue weight with a stern heavy inflatable.

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    Default Re: trailer for 15 foot inflatable

    Thanks for the reply, I want to get the largest inflatable to carry 8 people to use in the bay in jersey,looking at the saturn sd470 ,dont want to spend a ton of money, the Trailex trailer is nice but pricy, would like to go cheap to start out in case i dont like the inflatable and need to buy a regular boat.I think i can modify any trailer i select but i do not have the boat yet to size it up.Have the motor and the clam licence ready to go.......

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    Default Re: trailer for 15 foot inflatable

    Yeah i know they sell very nice inflatable trailers but cost alot , I want to try a cheap trailer with modifications looking for someone out there that has a large inflatable trailered on a cheap trailer,dont want to spend alot on the trailer if the boat dosent work out with the family. They all want me to buy a seadoo challanger but im going the cheaper route first.

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    I just bought a Zodiac FC 470 which is 15'5ft long, and needed a trailer. I bought the Harbor Freight boat trailer and modified it last weekend.

    I bought 2 2x10's and 3 2x4's. I don't have pics right now as the boat is at the shop getting the motor mounted and the consol installed. Basically I mounted the rear 2x4 on the back rail of the trailer, the middle one just infront of the wheels and the front one just in front of the y in the trailer. I then measured the place the 2x10's on the ends of the 3 2x4's so they would be the proper width of the main tubes. I needed some more vrtical space between the 2x10's and the 2x4's to have enough clearance for the hull so I cut a few more lengths of 2x4's to place there. I think using 4x4's would be better than 2x4's and will probably end up changing them out for the larger boards. The set up is kind of like this.

    just imaging that there aren't any gaps above and below the H. It works great so far.

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    Default Re: trailer for 15 foot inflatable

    here are some pics of the modified harbor freight trailer. have more pics but too large to upload. Boat sits very nice on this setup using 3 inch pvc pipes
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