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    Default Honda BF5 problems..............

    Hello to all,
    Seems like some very knowledgable folks here. This is an older BF5
    with shear pin setup. I think they use splined shafts now. Anyway, this motor
    goes thru shear pins like water. Put it into gear at minimum throttle, it shears
    pins. Increase throttle while underway, it shears pins. We took it in to have the idle lowered, it did nothing. Then I started to make shear pins out of nails
    and stainless fasteners etc. THEN....a new problem developed..............
    Pull on the starting rope and the teeth in the starting flywheel just break right
    off. I replaced the starting gear, one pull and it sheared out 4 teeth and I
    have never used the motor again. After considering using the motor as an
    anchor I thought I would bounce it off you folks and see if anyone had similar
    problems or words of wisdom.

    Thanks very much,


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    Default Re: Honda BF5 problems..............

    the non honda pins will cause a sharp edge to develope on the prop shaft resulting in the new pins to be cut off more and more rapidly
    this can usally be fixed with a small rat tail file on the shear pin hole removing sharp edges from hole,
    extreem cases the prop shaft will need to be replaced

    second if the idle is set to high (may be the motor need a good tune up)
    the motor should idle low enough thet there is abrupt slam when shifting into gear

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    Default Re: Honda BF5 problems..............

    Hi Frank,
    Yes the shear pins were from west or BW because we went thru so
    many. Are the Honda pins a different material? I'll file down the shaft hole
    if we decide to ever use this motor again. The starting gear problem kinda
    became the last straw.



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    Default Re: Honda BF5 problems..............

    Those plastic teeth do break my friend. It is a poor arrangment compared to others. Important to take the play up to avoid shock loading and impact as you pull.


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    Default Re: Honda BF5 problems..............

    I found a place nearby I'm going to take it.
    The mechanic said the same about the slack. I noticed it
    also when I put in the second starting gear, but I must have
    screwed up the alignment the first time I knocked the teeth
    out. It's the lousiest design I've ever seen. We've got ancient
    outboards that have never had a problem like this.

    Thanks ,


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