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Sportcraft 16' Fisherman CC fuel tank capacity ??

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  • Sportcraft 16' Fisherman CC fuel tank capacity ??

    I bought one of these this past summer and it had been sitting for 4 years. So I didn't want to use the old fuel. I just found a place that would take it today, so we pumped it all out. The tank was full, so full that it would come out the vent if you blow into the fuel filler opening.

    The thing is that we only got about 10 gallons out. This doesn't make sense to me at all since it has an 85 Suzuki on it. That would only be good for about 30 miles or so. The 20' Sportcraft family Fisherman that I sold last year had a 50 gallon tank in it. I would have figured at least a 30 gallon in this one.

    Does anyone know the capacity on these tanks??? Thanks.

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    Re: Sportcraft 16' Fisherman CC fuel tank capacity ??

    I have an old 86 Center console 16'. It is a GREAT boat. Have several other boats but this little 16 is the best bay and light off shore boat I have ever owned. Construction is OK..... not a Sea Ray but very sound. The ride is surperb!!!!! Mine is powered by a newer Merc 90 two stroke and will hit mid 40's when sea conditions allow. Now to your question........ mine has the tank in the floor between the stringers and it holds about 18 gallons. Biggest issue is that the tank is rather shallow and wide for it's size and filling completely requires a bow down attitude. Tank size is OK for a boat this size and allows for reasonable running.

    Good luck and if you have any further questions my E-mail is:



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      Re: Sportcraft 16' Fisherman CC fuel tank capacity ??

      I acquired a 1983, 16' CC, Sportcraft Fisherman, with '83 Johnson 88, about 7 years ago. The boat had been sitting long enough to have a couple of plants growing in it. I soon discover, among many other things, that the fuel tank was rotted. Because I couldn't find a replacement, even in Key West, I had a metal shop make me a new tank to the original size. The capacity is 18 gallons. I would love to have a larger tank and have looked into the possibility of a trapazoid bow tank built to go into the anchor box. But then what to do with anchor and rope. Hope this helps with your question.


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        Re: Sportcraft 16' Fisherman CC fuel tank capacity ??

        I have a 1989 1500 Sprint. The tank is crap so I use a red plastic tank and it works good. the original tank holds 18 gallons.
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          Re: Sportcraft 16' Fisherman CC fuel tank capacity ??

          We were just given a 1972 Sportcraft Fisherman 160 to restore. . .what was the actual size of the fuel tank??
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