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Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

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  • Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

    Glad to see some fellow Slickcrafter's here! I've got an '89 279 Slickcraft with a single 2003 496 MAG with BravoI outdrive and I love it! I'd like to see this forum grow for the benifit of all of us Slickcraft owners. I've learned alot about them from working on it for the last 3 years. Now that most of the problems are gone, I can't imagine selling it. What do ya'll think?

    CCMARCH your the last Slickcraft person on the threads, don't give up, there is alot of Slickcraft's out there - lets keep them alive!!!

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    Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

    Hi guys....

    I am about to become a new, older slickcraft owner....if it checks out. Its at a marine service center now, should have a report in a few hours. Its a 1973 AMF Slickcraft SS 160 with a 1985 Merc 90HP.

    I have fallen for the looks of these older boats, I just sold my 99 Sea Ray and was looking to downsize when I found this boat. The boat seems solid, just having the motor/steering/trailer checked out.

    Would the '73 model be a Canadian as well? I thought they were built in Minn.

    BTW, I found a slickcraft owners group on MSN, you guys might want to check in out.




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      Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

      Ok, I'm a little late, but I'm here now! Last spring I bought a 1976 SS-194, knowing it had some issues I got it dirt cheap. It has a 302 Ford and a OMC stringer drive. Spent the summer on it last year and got all the bugs out of the engine and out drive. I sent it to the boat shop this spring to get the stringers, deck, and transom rebuilt. Now waiting for the new seats to come in, and will be off to the river! Can't wait to blast off. Last year we had it out to Lake Anna in Va, Raystown lake in Pa, and the Potomac river around Hagerstown Md.


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        Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

        I'm still thinking of buying a slickcraft soon. However, money will probably delay me a year or so... man... gas is getting pricey.

        The SS 235 is the apple of my eye....

        If any of you slickcrafters live in or around Maine, I'd love to hang out and get a ride in one of these awesome boats (any model). I'd be more than happy to chip in for ga$.

        Please let me know.
        Enjoy your awesome boats, everyone.

        Timmyg: I thought the old tri hulls were unsinkable?

        Blouderback: So was the Titanic.


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          Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

          Yeah Tom be sure to look at the msn slickcraft owners group. I'm a proud owner of my 2nd slickcraft, and love it. They really knew how to build a boat, I think they handle like no other. They cut a sea wicked, Not much pounding unless you air bourne it "which i have" LOL It's like a giant shock absorber out there even in chop.


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            Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

            hello Im working on getting a 1971 ss195 from my uncle right now hope to have in a couple of weeks . It has not seen any water in about 15 years , its been in his garage , we are in california it seen both fresh and salt water. It is all origenal with a chevy 307 and omc outdrive. the out drive needs to be resealed. I curently have a 16' bahama tri haul with a volvo penta 4 baner. the v8 will be anice change. Looking foward to more postings.


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              Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

              My wife bought this month a 1968 SS170 w/ 950SS Mercury 6cyl outboard. It is white with a black interior (original slickcraft seats so the color will stay). This boat has spent its life out at the 220ac lake we live at. Previous owner bought a pontoon and had this for sale. Just started cleaning it up and itemizing repairs.

              I'm sure I'll have many questions in the near future.


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                Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

                Would you happen to have some interior pictures of your SS170? I just bought a 68 SS170 myself. It is in great shape but am looking for some interior shots just to see if it is as close to original as I think. My boat also has a 100 hp Johnson. From what I have been able to research that to should be original but I am always looking to verify that and any other information. If I could be of any help, just ask.



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                  Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

                  I have a 1973 SS235, Never had it in the water yet, The old girl needs a little paint on her bottom, does any one know if Slick Craft has a color chart? I want to find the brown color that will match the top stripe


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                    Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

                    [I] am new to this site but i just picked up a 78 sx 176 with a 350 gm motor. [I] am told it is a corvette motor... I can't wait untill spring to get it in the water. I hear it really moves. Now all i need to do is get the starter to turn over I'll let you know.
                    1978 Slickcraft
                    350 Mercruiser 4 barrel Rochester Merc. 1 outdrive
                    thru hull exhaust


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                      Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

                      Hey there guys...I'm a fellow Slickcraft owner who needs to part with the boat due to some $$$$ issues. I have a 1976 19' with Mercruiser 188 HP. The boat has been completly restored from top to bottom...pretty everything is new on this boat. The boat is listed on craigslist so if you want to check it out here is the link http://detroit.craigslist.org/boa/1077566680.html and for more pictures please email cause I have lots of them.

                      Thanks guys...this baby needs a good home.



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                        Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

                        Hi Guys:

                        I am the owner of a 1977 Slickcraft/Grew ss215 made in Penetanguishine, Canada. I think I must be one of the luckiest guys as I am completely delighted with my boat. This will be the third time I've rebuilt/refurbished an old boat and this is the best. It handles like a charm, very stable with no pounding except in the biggest chop. I take it from Vancouver to any of the Gulf islands and also on the interior lakes and it behaves like a champ. It has my favourite Mercruiser 165 inline 6 engine and after a few early problems it runs like a clock with ample power and reasonable gas consumption.

                        The story of how I came to own it might be of interest: I purchased the boat from a the son of a farmer friend of mine in the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada. He was a very successful dairy farmer receiving a big milk cheque for many years when he decided to try boating. He purchased the boat from an estate auction and paid way too much for the well maintained ss215. After taking the thing to the mechanic and having all required upgrades he used the boat twice, decided he didn't like boating after all, had it winterized and put the boat in the barn on it's dual axle galvanised trailer where it sat for the next 10 years. His son took over the farm and wanted the space, which is where I come in. I paid very little for the thing as it looked a complete mess being full of dead cats, chickens and who knows what else. I pumped up the tires, dragged it home and started rehabilitation. I bought the boat in 2004 and over the next few years have replaced, repaired, refurbished almost every screw, nut and bolt and it's almost as perfect as I can get it.

                        I've done loads of research on Slickcrafts and come to the conclusion that they may well be the most underrated boat available. They were made by the legendary Slickers family of Tiara and Pursuit boats fame. The models from the 1970's had a simply excellent hull design which is still available today only on boats which cost a great deal more. Equivalent styles are Limestone, Skipjack and Hunt all of which are very expensive. The 1970's boats were made when the manufacturers didn't know how little material they could actually get away with so generally speaking they are built like tanks. No core in the hull, thus no leaks or blistering! The hull design is so good that with the attached "Doel Fin" on the outdrive, I can plane consistently at 9.8 mph and 2500 rpm with one passenger and a 15" 17 pitch 3 blade aluminum prop! I know it sounds like total BS but it is actually true. Top speed at WOT is 35 mph, but I can go all day at 25-28 mph at 3500 rpm. I think the above is a testament to the MCM 165, the hull design and the "Doel Fin", I'm just the operator!

                        When I figure out how to attach images I'll send some. Meanwhile, if anyone could give me some pointers, that would help!


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                          Help for new Slickcraft owner.

                          Took carb apart cleaned. Still needs to be choked to stay running?
                          Proud owners of the last SS195 ever made


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                            Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

                            Yea! Joined the 70's Slickcraft club. 1976, SS195 w/Mercruiser 888 Ford 302 w/ Rochester 2bbl. carb. Sky blue color. Even had an 8-track player. She only has 176 original hours. Found her on Craig's list. She was in sad shape sitting unused, trailer wheels sunk almost to the axle. Hopped in to check it out, 3 rats scurried out! So my 2 buddies and I went in three ways and bought her for $500. Filled the tires, prayed we would make it home (about 20 miles). Got back to the house. Trailer lights were working, a good sign. Hooked up water hose, fresh battery, starter fluid, new gas fired her up. Started, has some fuel issues, but man she sounds great. Buffed and shined she is beautiful, great lines. Looking at the fuel tank and found writing on the underside of the dash. It said "The last SS195 by Slickcraft" and it was signed by J.B. Is there a way to check if this was indeed the last SS195 boat? Pics soon to follow..
                            Need help setting carbs, only runs if choked is almost closed.
                            Proud owners of the last SS195 ever made


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                              Re: Lets really start a kicking forum for Slickcraft.

                              Hey guys,

                              Need some opinions. I have a 26' 1976 Offshore Slickcraft with twin 165hp inline 6 engines. I haven't put it in the water in about 5 years and I have intermediate section problems, stern drive problems and I'm sure some engine problems at this point because they are about 15 years old. I love the boat and I would like to keep it so I'm trying to decide what the best course of action would be. I was contemplating on replacing both the engines with one bigger engine which would be labor intensive and expensive in the short term but in the long run I think I would save some money by having one engine. (I can't do the work myself)

                              I like the theory of having two engines but most of the boats that were manufactured back then only have one. I think mine is unique in that sense. The engines are really close together so I'm not really able to take advantage of differential thrust when docking like you can with most two engine boats.

                              Maybe some of you might have some suggestions.

                              Thank you