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BorgWarner Transmission 1.5, grinding sound in gear

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  • BorgWarner Transmission 1.5, grinding sound in gear

    1986 MasterCraft TriStar 22, 351 engine, BorgWarner Transmission 1.5
    When you engage the transmission, from Neutral, in the transmission area you get a loud grinding noise, this happens in forward and rev. and will continue until you advance the throttle to a higher RPM, then grinding noise goes away, but, control of the boat is not possible.
    The prop shaft coupler was also disconnected, and the noise is the same.
    The transmission is now out of the boat, and disassembled, has been checked for signs of wear on gears and clutch plates.
    Transmission fluid was checked for signs of metal also.

    If not something in the transmission, then would the possibility of a bad damper plates? or, anything else.

    All suggestions, comments or past problems in this area, looking forward to hearing from anyone to help.