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78 mr pike livewell ???

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  • 78 mr pike livewell ???

    what were they thinking,ill try to get pix later but heres my what i got.2 livewells just forward of the console,plumbed together.high drain holes on both side(1 for each)..but no drain.the fill pump is in the back and enters the left l/w on the bottom and is piped up to a tee to feed both tanks spray bar.my question is how did lund expect you to drain them,ive had to installl an aux pump that doesnt work well.boat has been thru a few owners and not much is original,the only thing i can think is they used a reversing pump but ive never seen one........anyone with on old pike that has an idea? thx

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    Re: 78 mr pike livewell ???

    I thought the same thing when I got my '79 Mr. Pike.

    The high side drain holes are just for overflow.

    To drain the live wells:
    1. Open the cross-flow port between the wells
    2. Open the fill tube stop cock at the bottom of the port side well
    3. With the boat on the trailer, they should drain back out the inlet tube right past the live well pump impeller.

    These old Mr. Pikes are built like tanks. Last week, mine weathered a storm on Long Lake, WI which sank an Alumacraft and racked up a Lowe alongside of mine. The old Mr. Pike made that storm look like a drizzle, and that's with the stern facing the lake...



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      Re: 78 mr pike livewell ???

      I have just bought a 79 Mr. pike with the same livewell set up. Havnt tried to turn any of it on yet, but it appears the knob on the bottom valve "you call it the fill tube stop cock" is broken off. Dont know if its in open or closed position. Anyhow, i want to replace the thing. Can you still find this part somewhere, if so, what is the name or part number? if not, what aftermarket valve would work on this set up. Thanks for the help !!


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        Re: 78 mr pike livewell ???

        I too have a 79, and mine is broken too. I'm having trouble finding this valve, I don't have any idea what it should look like. The previous owner used some putty and completely clogged up the line. what a mess. Anyone out there know where we could obtain parts? I'd like to keep it as "original" as possible.