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Leak in Lund 1800 Pro V?

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  • Leak in Lund 1800 Pro V?

    Ok, this is an interesting one and probably a long shot at identifying the issue over a web site, but I will give it a shot. While on the lake this past weekend, my 2004 Lund Pro V recently filled with water enough to come up through the floor. We had been out in the boat all day prior to that (all weekend for that matter) and had no water problems. The boat was in the water, tied to the dock all weekend (didn't pull it out at night) with no issues. Livewells were running all weekend and had no issues. I bilged the water out, checked the drain plug and didn't have a problem the rest of the day. The boat was in the water overnight that evening and was dry the next morning.

    I tested the livewells yesterday (in the driveway) and no issues, the overflow was draining just as it should. I had the boat tilted way up while filling the wells through the pumps so any water leaks should have run to the back and there did not appear to be any leaks in the hoses. Although the drain plug for the boat was tight when this happened, other than that leaking, I just can't imagine where the water could have come from. Unless the plug was loose and tightend up some from the water pressure by the time I checked it. Had it been a rivet problem or leak elsewhere it should have been a problem earlier during the weekend and certainly seems like it should have filled with water again right away.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this or can you think of anything else that I haven't mentioned here that I need to check? I will take it to the dealer if I must, but I have no confidence in the dealer I bought it from and they will need the boat for about a month (as they always do for any repairs). I'm sure I can find another dealer, but just trying to rule out something simple that I am not thinking about.

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    Re: Leak in Lund 1800 Pro V?

    Had a buddy with the same situation with a Lund. Ended up filling the bilge with water in the driveway to the point that it was over the decking and waited to see where the water came out. Ended up being a few loose rivets. Didn't do it all the time but on rough water they must have flexed more.
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      Re: Leak in Lund 1800 Pro V?

      I had a strange "sometimes" mystery leak on mine, ended up being a cracked Drain tube from the live well. The way I found it is I put the plug in the livewell and used a garden hose to push water up in the drain tube.
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        Re: Leak in Lund 1800 Pro V?

        Thanks to all replies thus far. I too, tried the garden hose. First filled the livewells and watched them drain and watched for water in the bilge area. I also filled them with the hose forcing water from the intake and did not notice any water leaking in either scenario.

        Could be a rivet, although was not on rough water and have never really been on really rough water.


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          Re: Leak in Lund 1800 Pro V?

          I was just thinking you might want to check your bilge pumps clamps that
          go to the hoses. A loose one on the pump itself could be a problem.


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            Re: Leak in Lund 1800 Pro V?

            These guys are leading you down the right path. 90% of the time, it is a clamp somewhere in the plumbing on a Pro-V. I had a leak and after tightening the clamps, it was gone. I do get a bit of water from the live wells splashing over the top when running on rough water. There is a gap between the top of the live wells and the decking where you can get some water splashing over the top- but not to the degree that you are talking about. You are talking about a large amount of water and I would look at clamps carefully. Unless this boat has really been abused, it is pretty rare to have a lund leaking that much through the hull plates or rivets...