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leaking drain 175 stinger

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  • leaking drain 175 stinger

    I purchased a new 07 175 stinger two weeks ago. Seems the aft livewell drain leaks some where between the livewell and the transom but not where drain goes through the transom. The problem is when the boat is in the water the drain is full of lake water and leaks into the bilge. A lot of water approx 10 gal. in a 8 hour period. Anybody else had this problem? Lowe is telling me that gas tank, subfloors, bulkheads etc got to be removed to correct. Lot of rivets spot welds etc. Dealer will not touch it. Please tell me there is a better fix.

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    Re: leaking drain 175 stinger

    As a temporary fix put a plug in the drain from the outside of the hull. It will stop the water coming in and confirm that the drain assembly between the live well and the transom is what is causing the leak. I had a similar problem with my 82 Lowe,the plug confirmed my leak was drain related. I replaced the drain hose which had a small hole and end of problem.


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      Re: leaking drain 175 stinger

      Thanks for the suggestion. As long I have messed with boats I never thought of plugging the drain. Good fix until the hose can replaced.

      For the record Lowe cleared up the fix procedure. As I understand it now only the batteries and maybe the gas tank has to be removed and they are overnighting the replacement hose. Soon as the gas tank is empty will make the fix.

      Also want to make it clear that Lowe has been great while working with me on the problem. It could not have been better. The dealer is a different story.


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        Re: leaking drain 175 stinger

        Thanks for sharing your story, it is good news to know that Lowe stands behind their products.
        I had the exact same problem in my old SmokerCraft, out of the water I filled the bildge with water and it ran out of my livewell intake, that verified what I though and was a relatively easy fix without having to remove too much gear..........Irv964
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