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Oil change SX175 2002

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  • Oil change SX175 2002

    I noticed that my oil filter in my SX175 2002 has a leak, Will replacing the filter solve this problem? and not having the owners manual on hand does anyone know what kind of oil to use. im asuming if I replace the filter some oil will be lost and needs to be replaced.

    I originlaly became concerned after a heavy rain and my driveway was covered in an oil/gas spill mixed with water. Cleaned the engine compartment very thouroughly and noticed it to be the oil filter.

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    Re: Oil change SX175 2002

    Have you checked to see if the filter is screwed on tight? Might just be loose. Your best bet is to just do a complete oil/filter change though. There are plenty of threads on here describing how to best accomplish that on your own if you don't want to pay a shop do it. And it's relatively easy to do.

    You should be able to find the recommended oil type by searching the make and model of engine online. If you have a volvo engine, I know the volvo penta website has the manuals available online that would tell you. Would assume that mercruiser would have that also.
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      Re: Oil change SX175 2002

      25W40 is what Mercruiser recommends. http://www.mercurymarine.com/parts-a...ercruiser-oil/
      Change the oil when you change the filter. You should be doing it once a year or at the very least, once every 2 years.