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1976 Glastron Carlson 16 v8

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  • 1976 Glastron Carlson 16 v8

    I have a beautiful mint 1976 Carlson with a 302 and VP 280 drive. Hull is in great shape, even the original interior with no rot or tears. Started experiencing a slight vibration last year so I pulled it out of the water and moved it to the garage. Took to shop and basically the bell housing, shafting and everything between the engine and actual drive needs replacing. Parts are easy to find if you have a 4 or 6 cylinder but 8 cylinders are rare. Anyone have any ideas? I really hate not to keep this boat on the water because I haven't seen a 1976 model all original boat that looks this good since about 1979. Any help on parts would be greatly appreciated. It is the 190hp 302 engine with a volvo penta 280.

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    Re: 1976 Glastron Carlson 16 v8

    Hi there mickeyfinn. welcome aboard !! you need to ask this question in the merccuriser forum , It will be a better responce !! John

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      Re: 1976 Glastron Carlson 16 v8

      Hey there Mic, sounds like a beautiful boat you have I have the outboard version of the CV16 and love the look of them, if for some reson you ever wish to put you boat up for sale please let me know, thanks john


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        Re: 1976 Glastron Carlson 16 v8

        Welcome both of you to the forum.........
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          Re: 1976 Glastron Carlson 16 v8

          Hi John,
          I have an original, near mint condition, 1976 cv-16 v8 as well. She has the ford 302 and volvo 280 outdrive also. I was contemplating putting her up for sale as I am looking for a 22-24' boat. If interested I could email some pics and more info to you.
          Thanks, Dave