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2004 Four Winns Funship Power engine cover

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  • 2004 Four Winns Funship Power engine cover

    Seems like an odd question but I just purchased a 2004 Funship and it has the power engine cover. Questions, if my batteries go dead, is there a manual override for the hatch and how do you operate it?

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    I have a 2002 Four Winns 214 Funship. On my boat, all that’s required is to manually lift the hatch. For me, it’s faster to just lift the hatch so I took out the power lift assembly. Removing it is just a matter of pulling two pins and disconnecting a nylon electrical connector. Takes two minutes. With that out of the way, there’s better access to port side of the engine.


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      On some of the Four Winns models right around the 04+ years (that I recall), the engine hatch cover electric motors where made to be able to just manually lift the engine hatch cover up 'Bypassing the power motor as it has a slide with a pin/bolt in the middle much like what you see in the photo below on the right hand side....Does your power ram look like this one? Carefully try lifting the cover by hand to see you can move it at all....If you have this design then you should also be able use the electric motor to lift it up part-way then move the rest by hand for testing purposes.

      This photo above came from a 2000 model boat year....http://boats.iboats.com/2000-four-wi...i/1610850.html
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