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1979 Crestliner Crusader Battery Replacement

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  • 1979 Crestliner Crusader Battery Replacement

    Hello all, I'm pretty new to boating. Just bought a '79 Crestliner Crusader and need to get some stuff done on it. A few days after I got the boat home, the batteries seemed to not be able to start the motor (Evinrude outboard 100hp). I took the two deep cycle marine batteries to Autozone and the guy said one needed replacing and the other seemed to be on its way out. Been reading a few posts on here and getting mixed messages. What kind of batteries (starting or deep cycle) and what size batteries would I need to be able to safely operate the motor (start and run at crucial times) and be able to use a CD player also? Been looking at Walmart's EverStart Maxx Group Size 29 Marine Battery but??? Also, where would I be able to get a manual for my boat and motor? Thanks for any help.