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1972 Crestliner Dane questions....

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  • 1972 Crestliner Dane questions....

    So mine is apparently a 1972,the first year of the model.

    It seems a sturdy boat.

    Specific question: It has sprayed-in foam under the gunwales and in other places. This foam seems rather brown and brittle. Can it be counted on to do it's job? I think there is supposed to be foam under the floor but may have to life some of the flooring to make sure it's still there. Can anybody tell me in detail where foam is supposed to be?

    Also, if I install new foam, what should I use? Some people use the white "styrofoam" boards, some people use the pinkish boards. What's best?

    Also, this boat had a built-in bow mounted gas tank, which is gone. Any guidance on the size and shape of this tank?

    Are there any owner's manuals, pics, and such around?