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1992 Crest III

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  • 1992 Crest III

    Does anyone have a brochure from 1992 on the Crest Pontoon line? I'd like to get the specs for my boat, a Model 21-23 Crest III Sundecker. I've got the basics from the nameplate, but as my unit came faiarly stock from the factory, it would be great to see it in print. As Crest has offered numerous floorplans, it would be good to see which one we have.
    By the way, I do have a brochure from the 1993 lineup and could answer questions or copy it for anyone with one from this year.
    Unfortunately, a call to Crest doesn't help. There is a lesson here in customer service, as I bought used to start, but will most likely look for a new unit someday.