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15 ft 1972 Cobia Sandlando-1st boat

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  • 15 ft 1972 Cobia Sandlando-1st boat

    Hello all. Just purchased the Cobia last Sunday. Yesterday after washing the upper hull, I jumped inside to start cleaning by the cockpit. As I walked through the windshield I noticed a soft spot in the floor. I ended up completely gutting the boat in about 2 hours. I have not yet ripped up the sub floor. I was surprised to see it is just plywood screwed down. Did a previous owner rip out the floor and decide not to glass over? Did it come that way from the factory. I tried google but could not get a solid answer. If I plan to glass over the plywood can I use standard plywood or should I use marine grade? The trim tag says the boat is rated for a 70 hp motor. It came with a 135 hp installed. Was told that motor was used for about a year. Lady I purchased from said it sat the last 2 years since her husband passed. Boat needs new wiring and floors but seems solid otherwise.

    Thank you for your time;