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Removing 215 seats?

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  • Removing 215 seats?

    I just bought a beautiful 2006 Chaparral 215 SSI and we are loving it. The only thing we need to do to the boat is re-upholster the rear seats. Our boat has the removable rear seats on each side and a stationary center bench seat on top of the engine box. I have already removed and reupholstered the removable seats and the small stbd back rest seat that is mounting to screws to the small door. But I cannot for the world figure out how to remove the center engine box seat, its back rest and the small port backrest. There are not screws that I can find that attach the engine box seat to the top of the box. And I cannot seem to find any screws that attach the other two backrests. Has anyone ever removed these before? I thought they may be glued in place but am scared to start prying in fear of cracking the fiberglass. Any ideas?