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livewells in a 78

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  • livewells in a 78

    How does the live wells work in the older (78) bass boats? The boat has two, front/rear in the center of the hull. There are plastic pieces with hoses connected to them on the side of the hull that lets water in but seems high for draining. Are the fittings on the side of the hull above the water line? The rear well has a aerator inlet, bottom center, with a hose that runs up to the top and is connected to a spray bar. Currently disconnected. What keeps them from running over when the pump is on. The front has a similar set up but the hose seems to be clogged up at the moment and is disconnected under the gas tank. There is another something????? to the right of the front well as you are facing the front of the boat from the inside.not sure if the access port is factory or not. It wouldn't hold water now with that hole cut into the side but you can get to the front livewell fittings through it. A bigger question is where does the green hose go to or come from? here is a shot into the hole.
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