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New Carver Owner in Dubai

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  • New Carver Owner in Dubai


    Like most people I'm sure, I've been lurking around the forum for awhile reading anything that might even remotely have to do with my boat. It's inbound on a shipping vessel and is due to arrive in 3 weeks. Had a survey done but basically bought it sight unseen save for the pictures and videos from the broker and surveyor. This is my first big boat purchase and in hindsight I'm sure I did a few things wrong, but can't change that now.

    Just thought I'd say hello as I'm sure I'll have a million questions (and hopefully a few answers) in the coming days.

    FYI, the boat is a 350 Mariner with the 7.4L Crusader XLIs.

    Feel free to drop a line!

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    Re: New Carver Owner in Dubai

    Aboard. Hopefully you won't have too many problems with it that the survey didn't catch. Just please tell me you didn't go with a surveyor the broker recommended...


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      Re: New Carver Owner in Dubai

      Thanks! And no I didn't. Called and emailed a few surveyors from the Sams website until I found one I thought would work.

      Nice enough guy, but I found out that's not what I needed after I had time to reflect on the survey etc... Some things weren't de-winterized, the generator wasn't tested because I was told it wasn't taking up water due to the impeller deteriorating and a few other issues. I thought I watched the few videos I had with an eagle eye, but after randomly watching a vid after closing, I realized I need to turn on my eagle ears! As he's showing me the coffee maker (who cares!) I could hear the engine or generator running with a horrible sound and then shut off! I hired the boat yard to change the impeller and they came back with a bill for $800 because they said they had to troubleshoot and determined the gen had the wrong spark plugs! They were long and getting hit and that's the sound I heard. That was nowhere in the report...

      I'm usually very good at doing business like this because I'm very detail orientated and extremely thourough. Some things on this boat got by me though and it's time to play clean up once it gets here.

      I already have a few stories to tell and the boat hasn't even arrived yet.

      Well here's to the best!