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26 Carver Santa Cruz

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  • 26 Carver Santa Cruz

    Does anyone have one? I was thinking in the near future of purchasing one. Its a nice boat, but really, what do I have to look for "under the deck" so-to-speak.JAZZ

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    Re: 26 Carver Santa Cruz

    I just bought one. 1978 Carver Santa Cruz 25.5ft. Still have questions myself! I feel somewhat fortunate due to 225 hours on rebuilt engine with enclosed cooling system. I took it out on S.F. bay with no problems except stalled in reverse. It's a good design! Great for putting around and camping or exploring. When I opened it up to full throttle, it took about 20 to 30 seconds before it planed. Then, I adjusted the trim tabs, and the outdrive trim. I backed off the throttle to about 70% and was doing around 35 MPH. Not bad, not fast, but not bad. I have the 75 gallon tank, but the original tank was 30 gal. This is not much for marine usage, and you might want to be aware of which tank you have, before running out of gas. I need a fuel gauge!
    Between the wood and fiberglass hull and body, and the power and equipment features... this boat is a great balance between utility and sport. I am definitely looking forward to restoring this beast, and bragging about it!!


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      Re: 26 Carver Santa Cruz

      Both of these posts were in the wrong area and they have been moved.

      Welcome to iboats.

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        Re: 26 Carver Santa Cruz

        They're still in the wrong area.
        Please don't PM me on advice issues - let's keep that in the forums, so that everyone can benefit. Please note that I do not email PDFs, etc. I have a bandwidth limited aircard for internet access. My avatar does not mean I have any offical link to iboats. I just like it!