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understanding an old carver power system

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  • understanding an old carver power system

    I do not want to sound stupid but Can any one explain how my 1977 28' Carver works exactly I have her in slip with shore power some things work so I just wondered will I still be using some of my Battery or will it auto shift to all shore power and do I turn battery switche off

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    The 115v and 12v systems are obviously separate systems on your boat. When 115v power is available from shore power or generator the 115v items will be available. Your 12v system is available always with battery switches on. Radios, lights, etc. are driven by this system. Your automatic bilge pumps should be wired directly to battery and not affected by battery switch position. Your batteries are recharged by engine or charger whenever 115v power is available. If you still have your original battery charger (old tech), I would recommend turning off the appropriate circuit breaker to it so it doesn't overcharge your batteries while you are gone. This presumes you will be visiting the boat periodically to keep your batteries up.