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19' Sportsman bay boat?

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  • 19' Sportsman bay boat?

    Looking at a 1987 19' Blue Fin Sportsman for sale near me. Does anyone know how these boats handle in rough water, as I would be taking it out in the bay. I live in Maine and the wind can kick up pretty quick. Also how tough are these boats riveted, do they leak after 20 years.
    Thank you.

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    Re: 19' Sportsman bay boat?


    As with any riveted boat, it is possible to develop some leaks after 20 years. However, I feel that these boats hold up pretty good in rough water. If you have any loose rivets, they can be bucked tight again. Just my opinion.
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      Re: 19' Sportsman bay boat?

      I have a 19' Bluefin Sportsman, it handles very well in rough weather here in Puget Sound in washington State
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