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1982 Mercrusier 170 HP Engine

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  • 1982 Mercrusier 170 HP Engine

    I have a 170 HP and it was running perfect. While pulling my son on a tube, the boat started running very rough and does not have full power at max throttle. The engine would cut off at idle. We got it restarted and made it to the landing.

    Today, we ran a gas line to 5 gal can of new clean gas to make sure the gas was good. I put in a new inline fuel filter on the line to the gas can. The filter was not full of gas during the test today. It did run somewhat better, however it not even close to how good it ran before the situation first happened.

    This boat sank about 2 months ago and had a lot of water in the engine. We got all of the water out, changed the oil many times and had a clean fuel system after the sinking. We have been on the water 6 times or so with no issues since we got it up and going after the sinking. Any ideas>