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    I cannot believe how badly Baha treats it's boat owners. I bought a 1994 Baha 295Conquistare and wanted to do some restoration work and was looking for both an owners manual and replacement parts. Over a period of two months I have e-mailed the company twice (no reply) then faxed a letter to both the saleman and the main office (no replys) and have called the office 3 times. The first time no one answered. The second time I was told I had to speak with "Ken", who was out of town, and the third time I was told "Ken" was out on the floor and would return my call in a few minutes (that was 5 days ago). I looked up their address and sent a letter; it came back today saying no mailbox at that address. I guess once you buy one of their boats they don't want to talk with you. Has anyone else had the same problems?
    Finally, I got a call from "Ken" at Baha the other day, one month after leaving amessage for him to call me. There was no apology of any sort, he simply said "What can I do for you?" I asked about an owners manual and he said there wasn't one (really?????) In all fairness I did ask about some replacement parts and he did refer me to a supplier who had what I was looking for. I have seen owners manuals for dustbusters, but not a 30ft cabin cruiser?
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