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Azure Parts and Replacement Decals - I Finally Found Who To Contact To Get Them

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  • Azure Parts and Replacement Decals - I Finally Found Who To Contact To Get Them

    I wanted to post a thread about replacement parts and decals for Azure boats. Cruisers Yachts just purchased the Azure line and I was finally able to get in touch with someone at CY to order replacement decals for my AZ 238. If anyone else out there is looking for decals and/or parts and has been having trouble finding someone to contact at Azure or whichever company currently owns Azure, well see below. I emailed the Corporate Communications contact on one of their press releases and boy was I surprised when I got an email back from Keith in less than a couple hours. He asked me to send him photos of the decals I'm looking for b/c they have a bunch, but they aren't as familiar with the model/year and decal colors/schemes, etc. b/c the line is new to them but it sounds like they are getting themselves up to speed very quickly.

    Keith K. Messenger
    Azure Boats, Cruisers & Rampage Yachts
    Divisions Of KCS International , Inc.
    Customer Service Department
    804 Pecor Street
    OCONTO, WI. 54153
    Direct Line: 920-835-6387
    Customer Service Direct: 866-734-2770