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Avon aluminum floor board removal

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  • Avon aluminum floor board removal

    I recently purchased a used Avon Supersport S4-00 (1989 , inflatable keel). The boat has nice aluminum floor panels that fit into an aluminum track. I have no idea on how to remove the floor so the boat can be deflated for storage. The boat sits on a small trailer right now, but i would like to be able to fold the boat up when necessary.
    Does anybody know where i could find some info on the type on floor?


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    Re: Avon aluminum floor board removal

    you first need to deflate the boat before removing the floor ......... once deflated the panels just pull out .....


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      Re: Avon aluminum floor board removal

      I have a SS 4.60. Found the easiest way to disassemble is to deflate most of the way, then from the front of the boat push the bow up until it is almost vertical. this will open up a gap between the aluminium and wood boards. Stick the blade of an oar into the gap and pry the aluminium board loose. To reassemble, you must get the aluminum bards to lock under the wooden board. Again Ive found the easiest way is to wedge the aluminum boards in as tight as you can, then run a rope under the boat where the boards lock. Using the rope, lift the boat and boards up forming an upside down V. Use an oar blade to get the aluminum boards under the wooden board and then let the boat down and fully inflate.
      Go over to, they have a scan from an Avon manual which gives you basic instructions. Also have good instructions for repairing/gluing hypalon. Good luck