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16ft Avenger project

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  • 16ft Avenger project

    Hey Guys,

    I was either in the right place at the wrong time, or verse visa, and picked up a 16ft Cee Bee Avenger with a 90hp Force for $300. It needs a total restoration, but appears generally sound, so Iím starting in on this as my winters project. I am also starting out (as a big boat mechanic) being a bit naive about ski boats in general, and Avengers in particular. Can you guys enlighten me on a few topics, and help with my learning curve? Iím trying to get ready for another Labor Day bash - days of boats and babes at Crescent Bar on the Columbia River, and nights of DMB at the Gorge.

    Half an hour of sleuthing on the net tells me that Avengers are generally well regarded. My tag says m/n 160, s/n 739, made in Bellflower, CA. Any idea what year mine is and the history/lineage of this model? I have yet to hear back from the factory, now in Lynwood?

    I am starting the rebuild process on the Force outboard. Iím told that this is an acceptable motor for this boat, pushing it to 60ish mph. Iím not after ultimate speed, just a good reliable engine I can have some fun with. Actually the fun for me is the whole boat restoration process. Any opinions?

    What is normal for fuel tanks for this type of boat? There is an (unused) fuel fill cap on the motor well, so apperantly there was a built-in tank at some point? The previous owner used it as a work boat, and used 5 gal jugs. How much fuel should I plan on for a day at the lake? My current thinking is to do a wraparound bench seat in front of the motor well, and stash jugs underneath. And probably cut out the floor under the seat all the way to the transom. Is there a need on these boats to get fuel/weight forward to get the bow down? Any thots?

    Thanks, Dan

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    Re: 16ft Avenger project

    Dan, I have a '74 16' Avenger. I run a Merc 135HPV6 on it, but up until last year I ran a merc 150HP inline six. The Inline was about 100# lighter, which was probably better, it tends to take waves/wakes into the splashwell now, at low speed. I have an 18 gal built in tank under the bow. It is a standard flat tank from Moeller, and fits well. It sits on a plywood platform someone (before me) built. I recommend at least a 12 gal tank for you.

    The back of the boat is a bit low, so you may not want to put a bench seat in the rear. Two folks sitting and someone else walks back there you might start taking on water. I have two back-to back seats.

    BTW - with that 90HP force, expect to see no more than 45-50MPH, but only if you have power trim. It takes a lot of power to go faster than 40MPH, even in an Avenger. My 135V6 will allow me to cruise at speeds in the low 50s. Max speed is probably about 60MPH, although I haven't tried that too ofter. I run a 21" pitch Rapture prop, but might be able to spin a 23" pitch prop.

    Also BTW - At full speed (55+MPH), I need to hold the boat very steady or it will chinewalk. However, at 50 MPH it rides rock steady. With the inline six motor the boat was slow to plane, and then would really accelerate. If you did not reduce throttle when the tach hit 3000RPM, the skiier would be launched out of his skiis. This is also the time when the boat would "get away" from a new driver. They were unable to cut throttle while steering, and the boat would hit 50MPH petty quick and scare the heck out of them. The V6 motor has consistant power all the way up the power band. it is not nearly so scary.

    You might do a search on the web for the original brochure for your boat. I found the one for my boat, by matching up it's apperance. The newer Avengers had the "Bubble Decks".


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      Re: 16ft Avenger project

      Dan, One more thought. I have never had trouble keeping the bow down. I would think a bow lifting prop would be the way to go, if you can get one for that motor. You might lift the engine on the transom also. I have mine on a jackplate and most of the way up. The antiventilation plate rides 3/4" above the water.