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1969 Arrow Glass Cheetah 17' runabout

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  • 1969 Arrow Glass Cheetah 17' runabout

    I know nothing other than the title says is a 69, 17' 4", the placard says its a Cheetah. It has a rear mounted 4 cyl. engine under a cowl between the rear seats. I cant identify the 4 cyl motor, and the drive has a round placard on it that says "Outboard Marine". 6 seats - 2 rear, 2 center, and 2 on the bow. Split windshield. ANY help with identifying the drive and engine would be greatly appreciated. The motor runs and the prop turns forward and reverse, but Id like to go through it before I put the family in it on the water.......... THANX!

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    Re: 1969 Arrow Glass Cheetah 17' runabout

    I just bought a 78 cheetah. It has an 1981 90hp Evenrude outboard. I will pick it up on Wednesday. I paid $1700. Everything seems to be in working order. I will know for sure next weekend though. I too will take it out by myself first and get a feel for the boat. I will probably ask a friend who has a boat in good working order to go out with me also just in case I need a tow.


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      Re: 1969 Arrow Glass Cheetah 17' runabout

      found this old post - I'll put in: I had a 78 Cheetah it had a 4 cyl engine a chevy block - if I remember 140CU - I was told the same as in some Nova autos it had the OMC out drive and 2 carbs -- boat had walkthrough windshield and 6 seats behind - I traded it for my new boat when I determined I wanted to go boating instead of work on the boat --- when it ran it ran good a very stable boat -