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1984 Arrow Glass center console

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  • 1984 Arrow Glass center console

    Has anyone ever heard of a Arrow Glass boat??Do they make them anymore?Mine is a 18ft that was made for ocean use...Thanks for any replys!!!

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    Re: 1984 Arrow Glass center console

    Dear Capt.I owned an '85 (I think) 18' Arrowglass Coho Center Console model. I replaced the gas tank which is directly under the sole aft of the console. It was easy. Some of the stringers were softening but nothing bad. I live on the Jersey shore and used the boat in open water a few miles offshore without any difficulty in 3-5' seas. You won't be disappointed. She was powered with a 115 Suzuki which I liked alot.


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      Re: 1984 Arrow Glass center console

      Originally posted by heaty1
      Has anyone ever heard of a Arrow Glass boat??Do they make them anymore?Mine is a 18ft that was made for ocean use...Thanks for any replys!!!
      was boat built by glasstream?


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        Re: 1984 Arrow Glass center console

        The company went out of business years ago. They were based in Tennesee I believe. I used to have a 15' Panther and it was a great boat. The '71 50hp Johnson finally blew up so I had to sell.

        Here she is on her last trip.
        “We do not inherit the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.”


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          Re: 1984 Arrow Glass center console

          Hey MarkG,

          I just bought this one. Listed as a 1989, although I can't find any record that Arrow Glass was still in business in 89. I haven't had it in the water yet.

          Being a bit paranoid about being stranded on the water, i am goin to replace all wiring, pumps, swithes...before setting out.

          Did yours look anything like this one ?

          I am getting ready to pull the cover off of the tank like you mentioned. Going to inspect everything and install a fuel flow meter. What size tank did you have ?


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            Re: 1984 Arrow Glass center console

            Hi Guys
            i got a 1982 16' arrow glass bowrider with a 90 johnson for my 13th birthday back in 1983 and me and my older brother had the boat out everyday in the summer sking and beating the living snot out of it and couldn't break it, very well made boat that I had out to the bell bouy 8 miles off shore and would launch it 8-10' in the inlet and like I said pounding on it and I sold the boat in 93 for 500.00 just because the interrior was shot and the floor was getting soft as it was just carpet over plywood and from getting soaked everyday from skiing and never covering it and was never out of the water as my parents lived on the water. But I must say for a 16' boat it was solid and had a great ride in heavy chop, keep them arrow glasses going, good luck owe I also forgot as my brother tried to sink it with the hose to try and have my dad replace the interior but it just filled up with water like a bathtub and wouldn't sink as it self bailed, pretty good for a little bowrider


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              Re: 1984 Arrow Glass center console

              Hey guys,
              Kind of an old thread but I just came across it. I just purchased a 15' Tarpoon with a 70 merc. for $250! Boat is in good shape just having to replace the floor and stringers because of some rot, probably from a big hole in the fiberglass covering over the plywood but not a big deal will have it done this weekend if the weather will hold out. Very nice boat though, I can't wait to get it to water and give her a shot.