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Alumacraft T14S

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  • Alumacraft T14S

    My wife and I took up fishing three years ago. Having a great time with a fun outdoor hobby. Well last year I found this boat, a 14 foot Alumacraft model T14s, which came with a transom trolling motor, along with a 7.5 Johmson, which runs great. Very happy!

    Whenever I pull the boat I take off the motor and lay it down on the boat floor. I worry that the vibration of the motor hanging off the transom would weaken the metal. I notice one day that when I wriggled the motor up and down the sides of the boat would flex. That just worried me and so I now take it off when transporting to the lake. But do i need to be taking it off and on each time all summer? I see boats being pulled all the time with the motors hanging off the transom.

    I'm getting older and don't really want to lift that motor in and out every time I go fishing! I thought of a transom support but didn't know if that would give enough support, and if they would fit on a small boat like this. Any advice would be appreciated.