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Alarm sounds continuous on johnson 115 "79

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  • Alarm sounds continuous on johnson 115 "79

    Drove wot, alarm sounded, for the first time. Not sure what this means on this motor? Is there anyone out there that has an Heads, Up sure would appreciate it,Thanks! Also this motor ran fine, until I drove it into A sandbar.
    Initially I thought sand ,debris; were suck in the lower unit. After this brilliant
    moment, I put in reverse only to notice it was less power,not as smooth and
    water pouring over the transom. It was a change on how it performed in reverse! In forward gear it ran just fine. I pushed it to wot, heard the alarm
    sound, and backed off the throtle , the alarm ceased. All day no alarm sound
    even at higher speed. So I thought, maybe if something got sucked in; it had worked itself out. pulling the boat out of the water I noticed what look like Dirty oil or exhaust all over the lower unit just below the cowl. Once again a first with this engine; Maybe to much oil in gas mixture? Anyway got home ran it with muffs
    alarm sounded on start up ; this has never happend before. So I took off the cowl and followed the harness from the control box to the red plug wiggled it a little bit started it up no alarm. engine idles fine runs great and strong. Checked the gear oil GOOD! Well I hope with disclosing these symptoms will
    enable you guys out there to figure this one out. Thanks Again!