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Toro Riding mower operation without deck...

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  • Toro Riding mower operation without deck...

    I've got an older Toro Wheelhorse rider. It's a model 12-38 which has served me well for years, but the deck is shot and I want to use it as a tower rather than a mower. I took off the deck, but now cannot start it. I'm thinking there's a PTO safety switch somewhere(which normally won't allow the engine to start with the mower engaged)I need to bypass. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Toro Riding mower operation without deck...

    Usually there is a starter lock out switch on the clutch/brake pedal linkage, then an ignition kill switch on the deck engagement linkage.


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      Re: Toro Riding mower operation without deck...

      Should be a switch on the clutch or under the seat, just in case you fall off.
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        Re: Toro Riding mower operation without deck...

        Wheelhorse tractors can be pretty finiky, but still very good machines. 1970's technology right up till they quit production around 2000 ( 520H was last true WH model IIRC ). They just added switches to keep up with the safety standards.

        12/38 should have a seat, clutch and PTO switch
        You can find the wiring diagram/ manuals here

        You can also run the wire from the key start position, to the solenoid directly. That will bypass all start safety switches. Seat switch will still function as it is on a different circuit ( will ground or cut voltage to motor depending on mag ignition, or battery ignition )
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          Re: Toro Riding mower operation without deck...

          If you do have a seat safety switch, disconnect it. If it still wont start, make a jumper wire and plug into the spades on the end that go to the mower. I have a different mower, but, when I do as stated it disconnects all the other safety switches....