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Is it just me???????

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  • Is it just me???????

    I try to post and half the time my darn comp tells me that iboats is not responding and I end up haveing to re type my reply. After the third time or so It gets nerve racking and I give up.Is it my computer?? Bad connection??

    This one went throu the first time.
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    Re: Is it just me???????

    It is just you.
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      Re: Is it just me???????

      What browser? What version? Type of connection? If the answers are 1) IE, Firefox or Google Chrome 2) Recent and 3) Anything but dial-up, then it is most likely you . . . IE continues to be ranked as slowest here by most anecdotal evidence. We have had some terrible speed issues in the past, but pretty snappy for most currently.
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        Re: Is it just me???????

        I have not had any problems with Mozilla...
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          Re: Is it just me???????

          Just a little extra, my favorites bar tells me iboats is down for maintenance. Works though. IE
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            Re: Is it just me???????

            If people are saying it works for them, and your not getting it to work for you, then you need to be looking at your internet connection, there is something between you and the website that is bottle necking and causing you to time out.


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              Re: Is it just me???????

              I think it's you !!!!!
              Time to check the computer out.
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                Re: Is it just me???????

                I'm running Window 7 Pro with IE 9. I get constant time out errors and are forced to refresh or shut down IE to get it to respond. I'm running fiber optic (25/25) and I don't have this problem anywhere elsewhere so it's not a connection issue.

                Then I figured out the problem. Its that stupid Chevy ad on the bottom. If I close it as soon as it pops up the problems goes away. If I don't, lock up is just seconds away.
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                  Re: Is it just me???????

                  Damn chevy adds. That's why I drive a ford lol.


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                    Re: Is it just me???????

                    Its a known fact that vBulletin DOESN'T play well with IE.

                    Quit pulling your hair out and get Firefox with adblocker plus.


                    All the problems you guys are having with be Solved.


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                      Re: Is it just me???????

                      When you log in check the remember box if you clear your temp files or cookies you will have to do again
                      You forget you don't remember!
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