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Tractor scam???

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  • Tractor scam???

    OK, Fellas..I need (want!) a tractor to help keep after the couple of acres I own. I haul and move around a bunch of mulch, etc and loading the dump trailer is getting a little old (So am I!)
    Found this ad on craigslist '04 New Holland loader and bucket. Listed twice, two different prices? Seller says go to ebay to finalise the deal..
    Here is his reply to me to look at the ad and to handle the transaction.
    Hi again,
    The tractor is already at a shipping company. I took it there to be able to ship it to a potential buyer while I'm out of town. My brother in law works there, and he promised me that it will cost me nothing to ship it in the US. I also have the tractor listed on eBay and that lets me use their secured system. I'm very busy with my job and I'm sorry I can't meet you in person. According to eBay you have 5 days from the time you receive the tractor to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not. So if you really want it press Buy it now and after you complete the deposit payment of $2,400 let me know your full name and full shipping address where to send the tractor. After you receive the tractor you will have 5 days to test drive and if you decide to keep it, eBay will release me the money, else they will refund your money and the shipping company will take the tractor back on my expense and will keep it until I`ll find a new buyer.
    Here is the ebay link: http://besttruckusa.com/2003-New-Hol...gItemListings/

    God bless you and your familly,

    Something seems fishy here. Looks like a scam, smells like a scam, must be a scam...Agree??
    Captain OUPV

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    Re: Tractor scam???

    If you check with eBay and they actually will do the process as described, you have little to lose but some time.
    I'm not a betting man but I'd put a lot of $$ on any contact person that you reach at eBay laughing their a** off when you tell them what the seller told you.
    It's possible that it is on the up and up, but....there are at least 3 of the classic scam warning alerts in the description that should have your "Spidey senses" tingling....
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      Re: Tractor scam???

      I will bet you $1000 right now that it is a scam! I bet they stole someone's account. Look at the feedback, it's been over a year since any transactions.

      A year or so ago I was looking for a nice CUT. I searched everywhere and eventually found one via an estate sale. Nice 4x4, hydrostatic New Holland TC30 with FEL , finish mower, and rear blade and only 99 hours on it for $11K!
      Mine is an 03', and NO WAY would an 04 with a backhoe go for $4800!!!
      I love it.


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        Re: Tractor scam???

        Ummm I think you're overlooking the most obvious thing... The link itself...

        That is NOT an ebay domain (besttruckusa.com) NOR is it a real Ebay page... It is simply a page hosted on a website made to LOOK like ebay...

        The domain is owned by Martin McEwen from Emeryville, CA... Chances are he is NOT involved in the scam, and more than likely has no idea that his domain is being used for such activity...

        You could be a sport and contact him (or his girlfriend Demi Pietchell (assuming it's not a fake number)) at 510-595-2002, and let him know what's going on.


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          Re: Tractor scam???

          A few months back when I was looking for a second boat a came across a few of those "shippings on me", "My brother is a hot shot driver". I think its a scam. They all claimed to be out of town and all wanted to use ebay. I could be wrong but it does not sound legit.


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            Re: Tractor scam???

            That website linked is not EBAY. If you go to ebay.com and put in that item number it does not find anything.

            Scam for sure.


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              Re: Tractor scam???

              Looks like a scam. the link isn't ebay but the intersting part though is that if you you just use besttruckusa.com, it redirects to ebay motors. I'd call eBay if you want to proceed.
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                Re: Tractor scam???

                It's a scam. I've seen that listing before almost word for word but with the substitution of a boat for the subject.
                Maybe you can get some authorities onto the guy or post on Craigslist yourself identifying it as a scam.
                Good luck...but don't try to buy it.
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                  Re: Tractor scam???

                  I just bought it
                  just because you found it that way does not mean it is supposed to be that way.


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                    Re: Tractor scam???

                    I say you play along. Tell them that you would rather wire the money to their account. You need their account number, bank name, pin number and website login details.

                    I reported the website to spoof@ebay.com:

                    Thanks for letting us know about a suspicious email or website. We'll investigate your report right away and tell you the results in a separate email.

                    If an email or website asks for personal financial information, assume it's fake until you hear from us.

                    If you think you may have given out your personal information, you should change your eBay, PayPal, and email passwords right away. You should also contact your bank to see if there's been any suspicious activity on your account.

                    Learn more about protecting your identity here:


                    Remember, you can always check the My Messages section of My eBay to see if a message is really from us. Copies of any emails we send you about the status of your account or a change in your account information will show up there. This is especially helpful since many spoof emails try to convince you that your account is in jeopardy.

                    While you wait to hear back from us, you can learn more about how to identify spoofs and protect your account in this tutorial:


                    Thank you for taking the time to write to us. You're helping us keep eBay safe for all members!


                    eBay Trust & Safety team
                    2007 Starcraft Limited 1900 RE
                    Mercruiser 4.3L MPI w/ Aplha


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                      Re: Tractor scam???

                      Anyone who wants to sell something and doesnt have the few minutes it takes to meet with you I think is up to something. Its a scam.


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                        Re: Tractor scam???

                        100% scam. report to ebay and craiglist.
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                          Re: Tractor scam???

                          SOUNDS SCAMMISH


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                            Re: Tractor scam???

                            I sell a LOT of stuff via Ebay and Craigslist. These types of scammers have been around for awhile now, and to most of us it is glaringly apparent that they are scams. It seems every Craigslist ad I post gets at least 1 of these scam attempts. I always give them the address of the FBI office where my sister works.
                            However, there must be people, new to the internet and/or e-commerce, or what have you, who fall for these scams. Otherwise these fraudulent ads would be extinct and the crooks would have moved on to a new scam.

                            The best thing to do as good people, is look out for each other, especially really young, and really old members of our families. They seem to be the most susceptible to this crap.


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                              Re: Tractor scam???

                              that's a 20k machine, and it will take a 3/4 ton truck and a tandem axle trailer to tow it about, the back hoe which you may never use, is a burden to have on it anyway cost used about 6k,,alone. SCAM

                              Your looking at too much machine for a couple of acres, consider a kabuto 2100 or a small Deere utility tractor. with a 3pt hitch, skip the back hoe, you can hire, or rent one if ever needed, for a couple of hundred for the day, and they really bog down the machine, I like the 3pt rear mower, can be backed under bushes, raises up for blade sharpening.
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