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Oh btw, moving to Austin area etc :)

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  • Oh btw, moving to Austin area etc :)

    Been awhile guys! House selling in N. Cali (made great $) gf has job transfer ready, last kid/son in college in San Diego, no more child support, , Mustang great, renting RV for drive there, gf will love it self contained, 3 day ish drive, long term hotel booked, have agent will get twice the house 1/3 price, 4/2 2 car garage, 1700+ sq ft, real front back yards, and I'll sell my Yukon here, get a 4 wd truck there used, and a BOAT!!!!! Life is good!

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    Congrats and be safe. Make sure to Keep Austin Weird.
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      actually north, Round Rock area


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        Heinz, don't rule out Dripping Springs. Hope you are well now. Leave the past in the rear view....


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          Congrats, Heinz


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            congrats on the move.


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              Sign up today
              Our neighbor of 30 years just did the same thing last fall. Sold their home here in San Jose and moved to Bee Cave on the outskirts of Austin.
              Good luck and have a safe trip down to your new home.